Fur Services


Storing your furs with EMBRYS in our state-of-the-art climate controlled vault during the hot summer months extends the life of your garments. Heat exposure is fur’s worst enemy. Heat allows the skins to dry out, which leads to shedding and separation of the pelts. Home air conditioning is insufficient as humidity levels vary, and dampness will also cause your furs to deteriorate. EMBRYS fur storage vaults are heat and moisture controlled to ensure the best conditions for off-season storage.

Important Note: Fur is very porous. The smell from the use of cedar and mothballs will adhere to fur, leathers and wool creating lasting unpleasant odors.


Fur Restyling

Update your old Fur with a new style. We have a master furrier available to handle the task professionally. Do you have a fur you no longer wear due to it’s dated look? Does the fur coat you love not fit you properly? EMBRYS offers a full range of options for revitalizing a fur that is outdated, too small or too large. From a simple and subtle change to a complete transformation, you can restyle your fur into a garment anyone would love. EMBRYS own Furrier holds monthly restyle clinics to examine your fur, give suggestions and free estimates. Restyling offers many options to update your fur garment:

  • Shear
  • Make reversible
  • Turn into a vest
  • Adjust the length, shorten or lengthen
  • Add a hood
  • Add knit, ultra suede or leather
  • Resize sleeves or armholes
  • Add new cuffs or change cuff style
  • Change shoulder or sleeve
  • Make a fur collar, scarf, purse, earmuffs, etc.
  • Turn family furs into memory preserving teddy bears.

Cleaning, Conditioning and Glazing

It is extremely important to condition your fur garments at least every other year to keep your fur soft and supple and keep your fur from drying out. Every garment is expertly inspected and proper cleaning techniques are used to remove any dirt, stains, odors or soil that can be removed. The process includes cleaning, replacement of essential oils and lustrous glazing of your fur garments. We can clean any fur, leather, shearling or wool garment.


Your fur garment can provide you with years of joy if taken care of. Have repairs cared for as soon as you notice them, the smallest tear can lead to a large, costly replacement in not properly tended to. Our full service furrier can repair rips in fur or lining, closures, relining, shortening of sleeves or hem and many other repairs. We also offer many different monogramming options. Free estimates are given before any work is started on your garment.

Please call (859) 269-3390 or see store for details. Questions? Please fill out the form and we will contact you within 24 hours.