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We’re excited to announce a NEW line of outerwear:  UBU Rain Jackets.  Come in and take a look.  Affordably priced.

Founded in 1991 by Alan Blau, UbU entered the fashion world as a tye-dye sweats and t-shirt company. In 1996, David Koral came aboard and combined both of their talents to form the UbU International Corporation.

From sweats and t-shirts, UbU began growing with the production of women’s pleated jackets and has since evolved into an ever expanding and interchangeable line of women’s travel apparel in the form of jackets, blouses, dresses, skirts, bags and more! UbU garments are lightweight, yet still warm, wrinkle resistant and available in many solid colors as well as incredibly fun prints.

UbU is an expressive women’s fashion line, designed for comfort, travel, flexibility and style, for women of all personalities. Each garment is unique, just like everyone who wears UbU. The company is built around a simple concept, “Promote positives in life, stay inspired and always be yourself!”