ESCADA Trunk Show – March 25, 26 and 27th

Join us on on March 25, 26, and 27th for a ESCADA trunk show.  You can pre register here to win 1 of 5 gift certificates at: We will have over 200 pieces available for purchase.

New Owners.  New Fashion.  New Embry’s.


The Brand of ESCADA

Today ESCADA has interpreted its brand values in a new, updated way: cool glamour, sensual femininity and modern elegance are the hallmarks of the ESCADA brand line. ESCADA stands for fashion dressing women appropriately for every occasion. The brand offers a lifestyle concept filled with everything from must-have everyday items for business and leisure to red carpet occasions. The ESCADA woman is naturally drawn to the limelight and loves a feminine and glamorous yet fresh, modern style. The ESCADA SPORT line today represents creates casualwear for sexy, dynamic women with a youthful spirit who love an easy, uncomplicated and relaxed chic. The collection focuses on knitwear, jersey, outerwear and denim and offers items that can be mixed and matched. Exclusive, enchanting color palettes highlight seasonal trends and prints in every collection. Innovative fabrics, high quality detailing and embroideries as well as excellent fit and exclusive workmanship reinforce the high-end level of all ESCADA collections.

Trade In. Trade Up. Event

Do you have an “older model” fur and have been wanting do something with it, or trade it in for a new upgrade?  Fashion changes and now is the time to trade in your old fur for something new at our firsts ever Trade In. Trade Up. Sale event going on now through March 13th at embry’s.Embrys TRADE UP Slider

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Saying Goodby to Sochi and Johnny’s Olympic Size Fashion

The Sochi Olympics are officially closed and Russia wins official medal count tally.   But, Johnny Weir definitely won the medal for the wildest outfits at Sochi and it was one of the most-talked about stories of the winter games.  Johnny Weir: “Fur Coat is Luxury Item that ‘Means I Made it!” Love the fur Johnny! Nicely played.

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