New UbU Rain Jackets

We’re excited to announce a NEW line of outerwear:  UbU Rain Jackets.  Come in and take a look.  Affordably priced.

UbU is an expressive women’s fashion line, designed for comfort, travel, flexibility and style, for women of all personalities. Each garment is unique, just like everyone who wears UbU. The company is built around a simple concept, “Promote positives in life, stay inspired and always be yourself!”  

Below is a sneak peak of some of our current selection

UbU Rain Jackets

Derby Hats

Looking for the perfect Keeneland or Kentucky Derby hat?  Looking for something not everyone will have?  Something special?  Embry’s has exquisite hand made hats from Eggcup Designs.  Eggcup Designs hand blocks, hand lines and hand trims their creations.  All Handmade.  Beautiful.

New Owners.  New Fashion.  New Embry’s.

eggcup Designs Hats

Fur Storage Lexington Kentucky

Storing Your Furs For The Winter

Fur Storage Lexington KentuckyStoring your furs with Embry’s in our state-of-the-art climate controlled vault during the hot summer months extends the life of your garments. Heat exposure is fur’s worst enemy. Heat allows the skins to dry out, which leads to shedding and separation of the pelts. Home air conditioning is insufficient as humidity levels vary, and dampness will also cause your furs to deteriorate. embry’s fur storage vaults are heat and moisture controlled to ensure the best conditions for off-season storage. We also offer a “Flexible Storage Program” allowing you to take your beautiful furs in and out of storage on demand and have pick up and delivery services. Call us at 859-269-3390 for more information.