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Saying Goodby to Sochi and Johnny’s Olympic Size Fashion

The Sochi Olympics are officially closed and Russia wins official medal count tally.   But, Johnny Weir definitely won the medal for the wildest outfits at Sochi and it was one of the most-talked about stories of the winter games.  Johnny Weir: “Fur Coat is Luxury Item that ‘Means I Made it!” Love the fur Johnny! […]

Bringing New York Fashion Week to Kentucky

Our design team is spending the week in New York for NYC Fashion Week.  We’re picking out fabulous finds for spring and fall…and we are keeping Derby fashion in mind too.  Today marks the 78 day countdown for the 140th Kentucky Derby. embry’s is bringing big city fashion to Lexington, and we know you’ll be […]

Joe Namath Rockin Fur at the Superbowl

Whatever you want to say about him, Joe Namath is an absolute boss. And Broadway Joe took to the sidelines sporting a magestic fur coat. Namath was spotted strolling along the sidelines in New Jersey — where he once roamed (or at least close to it) as the Jets quarterback. Beautiful coat Joe! NEW YORK